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In a nutshell:
My name’s Jeannene and I’m a London based Assertiveness Trainer and Celebrant.

My personal development story:
Although I’d already gained a certificate in Counselling Skills in 1998, my passion for personal development didn’t really take off until 1999, when I read a book about Self Esteem.

Having been a quiet, shy and self-conscious person for most of my life, through reading this book, I realised not only that my self-esteem was low, but also that I could do something about it!

I devoured Self-help books after that and started to attend workshops and courses, including:
– Various Counselling courses and approaches including Psychosynthesis and Integrative Counselling Diloma.
– Many different Personal Development courses and workshops including, Nonviolent Communication Skills, meditation and visualisation, Performance Coaching,
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Solution Focused Therapy.
– Certified and not certified Assertiveness Skills workshops and courses, some which focused on work issues, others which were more generalised.
Teaching and presenting courses including Further Education Teacher training, Working with Group Dynamics, Public speaking and even TV presenting!

Through applying this knowledge, my own reflection, putting into practice the skills I was learning and determination for change and transformation, I grew in confidence and quickly became competent in my specialist areas.

I have had the opportunity to put this training into practice by:
– Teaching Personal Development courses and workshops within Adult Education, including Assertiveness Skills, Public Speaking/Presentation Skills and Confidence Building.
– Providing 1-2-1 Assertiveness Training.
– Working as a Performance Coach with teenagers.
– Co-organising an NLP Practice group.
– Running a Self-Help Book Club.
Counselling women and providing telephone support.
– Co-facilitating an Advocacy Group for a mental health charity.
And other things besides, as the skills and knowledge I learnt became useful in all areas and work fields I found myself in.

So I have 2 decades of training and experience of working with people in different ways and at various levels, helping to facilitate the changes they wish to bring about in themselves and their lives.

And one of the best things for me, is that having been through the process of transforming myself, I know that for others, it’s also possible!

Here are a few people’s experiences of working with me: In their own words

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me and what knowledge and experience I can bring to my work with you. 

Get in touch and together let’s bring the authenticity of who you are, from your Inner World, into your Outer Life.

Wishing you all the best,