Me Too shoes

Assertiveness in the face of Sexual Harassment
Just like the assortment of shoes in the image above, the #Metoo campaign has shown that sexual harassment and sexual assault happens to a diverse range of people from all walks of life.

I’ve been teaching assertiveness training for many years and have found the techniques can be applied to many different situations.  Sexual harassment being one of them.

Although being 100% assertive can’t guarantee you’ll never experience any unwanted or non-consensual sexual advances, it can help you feel more confident and competent in how you could deal with these situations if they ever arose.

And even if you’re not the target of the harassment but a witness, having idea’s to draw on to tackle the issue can make all the difference – moving you from being a bystander to a helpful ally.

I know it’s made a huge difference in my life.

Assertiveness training as a kind of behavioural self-defence.
Assertiveness training can give you a toolkit to draw on in unexpected situations such as when you’re approached in an inappropriate manner, needing to deal with single or repeated unwanted sexual attention, spoken to in ways you find sleazy and offensive, or being in an environment where sexist attitudes have become normalized.

Assertiveness tools enable you to:
Identify and remove your own blocks to assertive behaviour
State your position clearly and confidently in challenging circumstances
Define your own personal boundaries for yourself.
Make requests in the face of difficult situations
Help you feel more in control in the face of sexual harassment

Over 4 sessions, we’ll cover Assertiveness Competencies including:
Assertive rights
Communication basics
Making requests
Saying “No”
Concepts of Power

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