People’s words


Having worked with people on different aspects of thier personal development, here’s what some of them say:

“Calm, clear and positive is what Jeannene does. Her presence has always felt safe to me and her enthusiasm contagious”
– P. Touminen

“A lovely, clear delivery style that helped me make sense of how I was feeling”

“I would like to say a great big thank you for all your support and inspirational guidance. The level of service given was highly professional, non judgemental and instrumental in assisting me in my journey to improving my self motivation and confidence to achieve what I previously felt unobtainable. Your kindness, your listening ear and understanding will certainly be the key to your success. Thank you.”
– A. Mire

“We covered so much in just one day. It has started me on the road to exploring my emotions and how I can express them better”
– Louise

“I definatley noticed changes in myself – my awareness based around ‘Assertiveness’ and the power that this has. Working with Jeannene helped me to be true to my real, deep, inner power and to feel Ok about asserting myself and also to the fact that I have Rights too! I grew up believing that I was insignificant and that I didnt deserve rights and – its crazy how we really hold onto these beliefs and behavioural patterns through to adulthood! But its true and these beliefs can keep us locked up and boxed in! Jeannene has been a true Angel and I am so very grateful to the help that she has given me. I knew how I felt before, I also know that since working with Jeannene and looking at and using the tools that she presented to me – I know how I am now deciding to be – every single step (no matter how large or small or teedy-tiny-baby steps they may be) is once step closer to the real you.
Thank you,
Love + Peace.”
– Anonymous

” I am delighted to report that two weeks after attending Jeannene’s “Emotional Competence” workshop, I am more able to identify, “own” and fine-tune the various emotions I experience.”
– Melody

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